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Accounting as it should be

Take Control of Your Business

Second Nature accounting is the way accounting should be – so good you don’t even notice it. When your accounts are in order,you make better decisions. You move from thinking “When is my tax due?” to “Do I need to expand; do I need an investor; should I think about taking on more staff?”

I’ve taken apart the business of accounting and put it back together so you can have a better, more productive relationship with your accountant, one that will give you more control over your business. You’ll start to get kind of service you’ve always been promised but never had delivered.

Accounting as it should be

Accounting Services

Accounting and Tax

Tax services for Individuals, small business accounting and tax (partnerships, companies, trusts), setting up private investment vehicles, and self-managed super fund taxation and accounting.

SMSFBAS and bookkeeping

hat’s great about current technologies is you now don’t need a separate bookkeeper and accountant forsmall business. I can take care of it all for you for the same price or less than you are currently paying.

Management Reporting

Management reporting is where I really start to differ from your traditional accountant.

Cashflow Forecasting

Small businesses need cash – and to attract investors, or to convince the banks to lend to you, you often need to produce a cashflow forecast. I can show you how to produce one quickly and effectively – making sure they have enough cash to pay the suppliers, the employees, and to still make a profit.

Business Management Services

Let me be the business manager you think you can’t afford. For as little as $275 per month, I can help you manage your business in ways your traditional accountant has never considered. This is probably less than an hour of your current accountant’s time.

Focus on what you do best

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Cloud based accounting software

Xero is cloud based accounting software which allows you to see your cashflow in realtime with online billing, banking and accounting.Second Nature accounting is a Xero Certified Advisor. Xero is cloud based Accounting software which allows you to share access to your latest business numbers with your team so everyone is up to speed.From work, home or on the go.