Accounting and Tax

Individual, business (partnerships, companies, trusts), private investment vehicles and super fund taxation and accounting. Not only year end compliance but advanced tax planning to ensure you legally minimise your tax bill. 

BAS and Bookkeeping Services

Using Xero and other cloud based tech, we can get ahead of the game and get you information in real time. This means that your accounts are always up to date and you can see where your money is coming from and going to immediately.

Management Reporting

This is where I really start to differ from your traditional accountant. I can produce professional detailed reports tailored to your requirements monthly at a fraction of the cost you might expect from a traditional accountant. This means I can act as your de-facto business manager or CFO, something most small businesses think they can’t afford.

Cashflow Forecasting

This is what your business needs more than anything else – making sure you have enough cash to pay suppliers, employees and still make a profit. I can help you get on top of your cashflow fast, and show you how to use technology to keep it under control.

Business Management Services

Let me be the business manager you think you can’t afford. For as little as $275 per month, I can help you manage your business in ways your traditional accountant has never considered. This is probably less than an hour of your current accountant’s time. Whether you need time-critical HR advice, strategic marketing advice, have legal compliance issues or contract dilemmas, I can help. Get in touch today so we can get started.